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Using point of sale data to drive the top line

We all know our high streets are changing. Stores are closing and jobs disappearing, footfall is declining and shopping patterns are changing. Whatever the reasons behind this..


The retail CMO's seasonal trends checklist

You’re running multiple marketing events, promotions and seasonal campaigns. But how successful are they? Are your messages as targeted and relevant as they can be? Are you..


Data is always in fashion

Since the term ‘Big Data’ was coined in 2005, its use in optimising business processes and performance, and understanding customers has only become more important. The value of..


The data download...

Ask the Expert: A Q&A with Michael Poyser, our Chief Analytics Officer [and data guru] 

We all know that data plays a huge role within retail. But when it comes to taking..


Powering the potency of real-time data

Real-time data plays a critical role in retail. It can be used to inform marketing campaigns, personalisation efforts and enables retailers to be more agile when it comes to..


The science behind store layout

As consumers, we’re all aware that when we walk into a store, we are being influenced in some way or another. For years, retailers have been refining the art of keeping us in..


Unlocking the true potential of customer data

Data is a hugely valuable resource in retail and it’s generated with every customer interaction, whether that’s online or in-store. But, what happens to that data afterwards?..


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