Leading U.S. Analyst Firm Confirms Using Customer Loyalty Profiles at the Store Level Increases Sales!

Mike Grimes
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With more than 3.8 billion U.S. consumers holding memberships in customer loyalty programs, according to the 2017 Colloquy Loyalty Census, it is clear that shoppers still want to be a part of a retailer’s loyalty program. But what are retailers doing to make sure they are making good on developing relationships with those customers to ensure mutual benefits?

Day in and day out, the Ecrebo team works hard to showcase how our POS marketing platform enables retailers to deliver real-time targeted communications to customers at the checkout alongside their paper or digital receipts based on their preferences. This ultimately engages customers, in real-time and at the store level, and drives additional sales.

We are proud to work with some of the world’s most innovative retailers, who understand that being able to communicate with shoppers at the store level in a targeted and convenient way, not only sets them apart from the competition, but earns their trust and ongoing loyalty.

Still, we must keep going the extra mile to show our customers that an investment in Ecrebo is a strategic investment in their business. That is why we are happy to report that leading U.S. analyst firm, IHL Group, recently identified the ability to use customer loyalty profiles in real-time at the store level as one of eight technologies that increases retail sales. As analyst Kelly Sayre points out in the firm’s YouTube video, retailers that invest in tech that allows them to take advantage of loyalty program profiles at the store level will see an increase in sales.

According to Sayre:

“Historically, less than 50% of enterprise retailers have been able to use their customer loyalty information at the store level. Online, the customer gets targeted deals, enticements to convert, and the items they have been searching show up on their newsfeeds.

But at the store, the loyalty plan acts simply as a post purchase points card. The retailers who can use their loyalty profiles in real-time to provide incentive offers to a specific customer during the in-store shopping experience, enjoys sales increases 80% higher than their competitors who can’t. In a market that is increasingly more about driving and converting store traffic, this technology is proven to move the sales needle.”

Need further proof? Our work with Waitrose, one of the UK’s leading grocery retailers, speaks for itself. Waitrose knew that Ecrebo’s technology would be a winning proposition, signing a five-year agreement to deliver targeted customer engagement through our Message at Till solution across their 350-store grocery estate. Our platform enables Waitrose to communicate with each of its in-store customers at the point of sale and in real-time through highly-targeted coupons and messages. Targeted promotions, offers and messages are printed alongside paper receipts and handed directly to customers by Waitrose Partners. Even better, the platform is fully integrated with the myWaitrose loyalty scheme, which has over six million members, enabling Waitrose to better understand their customers.

Speaking of “winning propositions”, the partnership was recently recognized at this year’s Retail Systems Awards as the “Retail Partnership of the Year (in store) Award.” Knowing that we’ve helped our customers improve their engagement with their shoppers is what we work for – and having industry recognition such as the Retail Systems Awards or a leading analyst firm acknowledge that our technology is one of a few that can increase sales for a retail organization is truly the icing on the cake.

This holiday shopping season and beyond, retailers should take a cue from our customers and focus on making sure they are connecting, in a rewarding way, with in-store customers. After all, with over 90% of transactions still occurring in the store, the opportunity is far too great to pass up.

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