Making It Stateside: Ecrebo expands into the U.S.

Sarah Todd
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We recently announced that Mike Grimes had joined Ecrebo as our very first President, North America, taking on the responsibility for bringing our leading point of sale marketing solution into the U.S. market. Looking ahead to the exciting international growth ahead for the company, we asked our CEO David Buckingham and Mike to share their thoughts on what comes next for the company.

David Buckingham: First of all, I’d like to say on a personal level that I’m thrilled to have such a dynamic and experienced leader on our team. Having known Mike for many years from a variety of professional endeavours, I’m confident in his ability to lead our North American business to great success. He understands the American market, the retail industry and our business proposition as well as anyone, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board.

That said, from a corporate perspective, expanding into the North American market is a natural next step for us. Having brought significant, tangible benefits and ROI to retailers across the U.K. in a variety of verticals, we see the U.S. as a natural stage upon which we can reach our full potential. It’s clear that American retailers are ready to invest in in-store technologies that drive loyalty through personalisation and timely offers, and we look forward to continuing our string of 2017 successes across the pond.

Mike Grimes: Allow me to echo David’s comments on our working relationship before elaborating on my vision for Ecrebo in the U.S. and the impact of our solution on the future of retail.

David’s enthusiasm about this company, which he joined just this past March, was palpable in my conversations with him prior to officially coming on board. His excitement for what Ecrebo’s solution can do, for what Ecrebo’s customers have been able to achieve, and the company culture and potential for growth in new markets was contagious. It means a lot to join a team led by someone with his level of passion for delivering outcomes not just for the business, but for customers and employees as well.

Ecrebo’s rapid growth in 2017 alone is incredibly exciting for someone coming on board with the sole charge of overseeing more growth in a new market. From my perspective, having previously opened and run a U.S. office for a European solution provider, I feel like I have a unique insight into the challenges of entering a high-potential, high-competition new market. Many businesses move into new markets for the wrong reasons or just simply at the wrong time. With Ecrebo’s recent and significant funding round, a roster of name-brand retail customers in its home market, and a product offering that consistently delivers tangible benefits, this feels like exactly the right time. 

With technology disrupting the way retail operates in every way, I firmly believe that innovative retailers who adopt the right in-store technologies are the ones who will thrive. As box stores regularly close and other notable retailers fall by the wayside, it isn’t always other large retailers knocking them off their perch and posing the biggest challenge: it’s smart, nimble and innovative retailers. Working alongside these retail pioneers in the U.S. market and bringing personalised experiences to North American consumers is an opportunity and challenge that I’m truly excited about.


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