Retail's crystal ball: What does the future hold?

By David Buckingham, CEO | 8 November 2018
If this past year is anything to go by, it’s safe to say next year will also be characterised by change. And lots of it.

Can fashion retailers use the human touch to stay en Vogue?

By David Buckingham, CEO | 29 October 2018
In the constant battle to remain competitive, relevant and successful, the fashion industry has been one of the hardest hit by recent economic and political changes. ...

Life after GDPR: How are retailers faring?

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 24 October 2018
We’ve had a while to get used to the idea of GDPR given it was a few years in the pipeline. But given the compliance deadline passed just a few months ago, many ...

Chasing a myth: is a single customer view really achievable?

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 9 October 2018
In today’s omni-channel retail landscape, customers can engage with a brand in multiple ways - from in-store and online, to apps and social media. However, while having ...

Getting real-time results from real-time data

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 14 September 2018
There’s no doubt that taking a data-driven approach to the retail challenge is becoming a necessity. With the encroachment of online retailers and a constantly shifting ...

The rise of click and collect; Convenience, experience and opportunity

By David Buckingham, CEO | 6 September 2018
In today’s omnichannel world where everyone is competing with Amazon, retailers are continuously looking for ways to boost their offerings, improve customer experience ...

Welcome to the Golden Age of Retail Media

By Mike Grimes, President, Ecrebo Inc. | 31 August 2018
On July 26, 2018, when Amazon announced $2.19 billion in “other revenue” – predominantly from advertising – a lot of pundits, experts and industry-watchers were shocked. ...

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