Black Friday or Blue Monday for retailers?

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 27 November 2019
It’s that time of year again… no sooner have the orange and black of Halloween faded when Christmas is suddenly upon us. But in amongst the build-up to the festive ...

Black Friday retrospective — has the novelty worn off?

By David Buckingham, CEO | 5 December 2018
The four-day Black Friday weekend is over for another year and it’s an interesting time to reflect on the event and compare shopper behaviour with previous years. In ...

In-store or online? Will Black Friday sales predict the future of retail?

By David Buckingham, CEO | 7 December 2017
With Black Friday come and gone, how exactly did retailers in the UK fare this year? And what, if anything, does this suggest for the retail sector going forward? ...

Is Black Friday in the UK really a big deal?

By David Buckingham, CEO | 20 November 2017
Not too long ago, the last weekend in November was a date that US retailers (and indeed consumers) planned for the entire year. Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in ...

Silver Bells, Loyal Bells: Black Friday Is Changing, Are You Changing With It?

By Mike Grimes, President, Ecrebo Inc. | 8 November 2017
Fun fact: the term “Black Friday” was first used in the United States to describe a financial crisis in 1869. The first time Black Friday referred to shopping the day ...

Black Friday 2016 – 5 key takeaways

By Sarah Todd, Head of Marketing | 8 December 2016
Unsurprisingly, Black Friday 2016 broke the record set the previous year for the amount spent by shoppers looking to snap up a bargain. Retail analysts IMRG estimate ...

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