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Turn Paper & e-Receipts into 
Targeted Media

Retailers know receipts can be powerful marketing. Because every customer gets one, there’s no more cost-effective way to deliver mass personalized marketing. But, coaxing POS systems into issuing great looking messages and promotions is a big technical challenge.

Ecrebo’s Total Receipt Marketing changes that. Our elegant, SaaS solution lets retailers use their existing POS receipt printers to issue graphically compelling, precisely-targeted, receipt-based marketing. Adding colorful, interactive e-receipts is easy as flipping a switch.

We make IT Smile

The number one reason retailers don’t do more with their receipts is because anything and everything to do with receipts is time-consuming, highly-specialized and expensive for IT to implement.

Ecrebo’s TRM™ solution makes receipt marketing and customization fast and pain-free on all Toshiba 4690, Windows and Linux-based POS systems. Most installations take only a few weeks because we require no POS integration. Once installed, business users create and implement receipt-based programs via a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) portal. Ecrebo turns an IT Burden into a valuable marketing asset.

Cost-effective Media that Retailers Control

TRM makes it easy for retailers to target the right offers to the right customers using their own customer insights.

For less than the cost of email – and a fraction of the cost of direct mail – retailers can put smartly targeted store and/or brand offers into the hands of every shopper. Plus, targeted, receipt-based promotions are exactly the kind of retail media brands and suppliers are eager to support.

Learn how Ecrebo’s Total Receipt Marketing™ solution turns paper and e-Receipts into powerful, targeted media

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