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Unleash the Power of Your Receipt Printer

What is the one thing every customer who buys something in your store does? Checkout. But let’s face it, the marketing you do on your receipts is a bit of an afterthought. We change that.

Ecrebo’s OnPoint solution instantly turns retailers’ existing point-of-sale receipt printers into targeted marketing machines that crank-out graphically compelling, high ROI, customer-pleasing messages and promotions.

Apply Your Insights to Every Customer

In the US, we focus on helping retailers cost-effectively deliver personalized marketing.

Truth is, most US retailers are pretty good at slicing and dicing their data, but they’re longing for better ways to turn their customer insights into high-ROI marketing campaigns. Today, retailers can choose direct mail (lovely, but expensive), or digital (apps, website, email, texts). Digital may be lower cost, but, in the end, it only reaches about 20% of a retailer’s customers.

That’s where Ecrebo OnPoint comes in: Our mass-targeted, receipt-based marketing solution delivers great-looking, high-ROI, personalized promotions – to every customer you want to reach – at an unheard of $5CPM.*

*For most retailers, this assumes a retailer utilization rate of 1 promo per receipt. 

You Target. Ecrebo Triggers and Delivers

With OnPoint, the retailer uses their own data and the OnPoint Campaign Manager to set a “trigger” (e.g., a known, heavy, cat food buyer who just checked-out with no cat food in her basket). When the trigger criteria are sensed at checkout, Ecrebo OnPoint swings into action and delivers a tasty cat food offer from the receipt printer – and/or via an e-receipt – ensuring that the customer will be back in your store soon for cat food. 

It’s Not Madison Avenue. It Just Works.

We get it. There are no awards (yet) for the best receipt-marketing campaign. Even our best-looking receipts – all printed by your existing receipt printers – aren’t TV commercial, four-color magazine or direct mail glamorous. They just work.

Precisely targeted offers delivered via your receipts will consistently redeem in the 5% to 7% range putting them on par with your very best personalized print and digital media. And, because the cost is low, the ROI is truly unbeatable. Cha-ching! Mass-targeted, real-time, receipt-based messaging belongs in your modern marketing mix

Technically Elegant

We know what you’re saying: “There must be a bunch of hardware and a complex POS integration.” Nope! Ecrebo OnPoint is fast and simple to install. Absolutely no hardware and no POS integration. Think of Ecrebo OnPoint as a supported plug-in for 4690, Windows and Linux-based POS solutions. Once the app is installed, retailers and their loyalty marketing partners can use the intuitive, OnPoint Manager portal to set triggers, create offers and measure results.