Whatever your sector, Ecrebo OnPoint can help you know more, engage more and sell more. Designed for ultimate flexibility, our smart software performs powerfully across every modern retail environment. So you can relax, knowing it will soon adapt to – and address – your very specific challenges.

Your Challenges

Today’s consumer electronics sector faces many tough issues. Online and discount competition. Store closures. Dwindling footfall. A crowded market. Luckily, OnPoint is on hand.


Our Solutions

Our smart software helps some of the world’s leading retailers boost profits with relevant and targeted messaging, drawn from a wealth of real-time customer data.


Our Experience

Household names in retail trust us because they know our software is fully scalable. We’re constantly developing our technology to learn more – so you can sell more.


Our Approach

Our dedicated team works as hard as you do. So we won’t rest until you’re getting the very best out of our software and enjoying maximum return on investment.

Power Up Your Profits

How we help consumer electronics retailers know more, engage more and sell more.

OnPoint Coupon

Create Targeted, Relevant Offers Instantly  

Our powerful coupons have already helped boost profits for a range of retailers. Handed to customers personally at the till with their receipt, targeted offers, messages and incentives are among the many benefits that help drive return visits:

  • More personal: Deliver precisely pinpointed messages and offers in real-time, directly and one-to-one
  • More triggers: Customer profiles, location, spend and basket triggers. Works for non-loyalty members too
  • More incentives: Promotions or information about upcoming offers, successfully tempting customers back in-store 
  • More options: Stretch spend offers, money off,  in-store messages, loyalty rewards, brand-funded promotions 

OnPoint E-Receipts

Delivers Dynamically Relevant Messaging

Once the sale is in the bag, deliver a content-rich and clearly branded digital receipt via email. This content can be cleverly targeted, with attractive offers to encourage repeat purchases. As well as making returns simpler, it also offers:

  • More variety: Targeted offers, warranty information, recommendations, feedback requests, social sharing and reviews
  • More attention: Promotions and offers can be sent in line with customers' marketing opt-in preferences 
  • More insight: Learn more about your customers to develop better communication, driving repeat footfall, boosting profits
  • More convenience: Integrates easily with your existing CRM system, helping create a single profile of each customer

OnPoint Mobile

Instant Loyalty in Your Pocket

Put rewards in your customers’ pockets with a digital loyalty card for their smartphone. Loads easily in the wallet app and can be accessed via web, social media, text, email and in-store. As well as being easy to use, it provides:

  • More power: Gives you greater capacity to send location-based promotions and targeted rewards straight to customers' phones 
  • More engagement: Lets customers manage their loyalty scheme easily, and react quickly to relevant offers
  • More support: Tracks and responds to the accumulation of customer loyalty points and rewards
  • More harmony: Integrates easily with your existing loyalty scheme, or works as a bespoke white label offering 

OnPoint Message

Dynamic On-receipt Marketing

Turn your receipts into a powerful marketing tool, with personalised real-time messages for every customer. Add logos, graphics and friendly individual greetings in seconds for that standout personal touch. Also gives your business:

  • More freedom: Add marketing content and messages to your receipts, make changes across your estate in seconds 
  • More preferences: Promote whatever you want, from in-store offers to price matches, how-to videos to product recalls
  • More loyalty: Show number of loyalty points collected and bonus progress, or ‘join now’ message for non-members
  • More prominence: Highlight and reinforce your brand promise and other local marketing initiatives 

OnPoint Display

Puts Your Customers in Control

Engage your audience while they pay with a customer-facing touchscreen at point of sale. Promote your latest marketing messages or ad campaign, and request instant feedback. It’s an engaging tool for you too:

  • More exact: Improves data accuracy by letting customers enter their own email address on screen
  • More compliant: Prompts for marketing opt-in are vital for new GDPR laws from May 2018 onwards 
  • More reaction: Ask your customers what they think in real-time, using simple pop-ups
  • More flexibility: Adapt easily to find out any data, from purchase type to receipt preference

OnPoint Feedback

Discover What Customers Really Think 

Discover what your loyal customers really think, so you can keep them coming back again and again. Vital feedback about their experience can be collected and monitored in real-time, so you can act quickly. Other benefits include:

  • More appealing: Feedback request prompted via OnPoint E-Receipt or OnPoint Display with a simple smiley or sad face
  • More choice: Capture longer, text-based comments, collected through a dedicated portal 
  • More traceable: All feedback is tied to point of sale, including store number, cashier, time and transaction number 
  • More satisfaction: You’ll receive feedback in real-time, so you can react immediately to any issues that arise 

Ready to boost your sales with Ecrebo OnPoint?

We can’t wait to show you how quickly you’ll see the benefits:
  • Capture real-time transaction data
  • Drive long-term loyalty
  • Encourage repeat purchase
  • Engage with your customers

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More Peace Of Mind For Your IT Team

Maximum Power. Minimum IT Disruption 
With OnPoint, there’s no hardware involved – just a super-smart software platform tailored specifically for today’s consumer electronics sector. It’s simple to install. And once it’s up and running, it’s equally easy to update and manage.

OnPoint’s clever design means you don’t have to change your point of sale (POS) hardware or software. Thanks to its lightweight and seamless integration, you only need to install OnPoint Capture on your POS, with no other alterations required.



OnPoint Capture is a standalone cross-platform application that works as a local service on virtually any POS system. Once installed, its adapter produces a set of modules that acquire and process relevant transactional data generated at the till. This information is then sent to the Ecrebo cloud, allowing further interaction with customers via printed or digital media.


Interaction is achieved through a lightweight integration deployment set, featuring data interception modules, executables and retailer-specific configuration files. These modules include a low-level Windows filter driver that intercepts print data from the POS application and submits it to OnPoint Capture for processing.

The solution is configured specifically for your individual POS set-up. Once you’ve activated the web-based OnPoint Manager, real-time delivery and configuration of targeted communications will begin, prompted by physical transactions at your till.

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