• All four seasons in one day: A retail marketer's guide to capitalising on seasonal trends

    Category: How-to guide

    Our free how-to guide looks at the value that retailers can gain from analysing seasonal trends and campaigns and discusses how retailers can effectively use the insights generated to deliver a more engaging, relevant and personalised experience to their customers.

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    Putting POS at the Heart of Customer Engagement: Infographic

    Category: Infographic

    Over the years the point of sale has evolved dramatically. Today it's so much more than just where the sale is finalised...with the right software, real-time transaction data can be captured at the point of sale and used to create insights to inform marketing campaigns and deliver personalised campaigns. 

    Check out the infographic that accompanies our POS whitepaper

    Turning the POS into a Point of Differentiation

    Category: Whitepaper

    The point of sale may often be seen as a necessary evil. But we can show you the potential of using your existing POS to drive sales, boost customer engagement and enhance the customer experience.


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    A Guide to Keeping the High Street Alive

    Category: Guide

    Is the high street dead? At Ecrebo, we don't think so. But the high street needs to reinvent itself if retailers are to survive the challenges of our current climate. 

    Download our ultimate guide to keeping the high street alive.

    Top Tips on How to Create Real-time Success from Real-time Data

    Category: Top Tips

    In the retail industry, data plays a key role in influencing everything, from pricing strategies and stock decisions, to developing customer insights and creating marketing campaigns. 

    Download our three top tips on how to create real-time success from real-time data.

    Creating Real-time Success from Real-time Data eBook

    Category: eBook

    The use of data in retail is nothing new. But as the retail industry has evolved over the last two decades, shaped by increased competition, the dominance of e-commerce and more demanding consumers, data has played a starring role in helping retail organisations remain relevant. 

    But are retailers really making the most of the opportunity that data presents?

    Identifying the Unidentified eBook

    Category: eBook

    Loyalty schemes play a huge role in the modern retail environment. But loyalty is about more than having a card or app. How do retailers engage with and deliver personalised offers to
    all customers? Even if they don’t have an in-house loyalty scheme?

    Download our eBook today to discover the  opportunities that exist for retailers and how they can leverage the power of POS to grow loyalty.


    Ecrebo Retail Loyalty: Aligning Perceptions Report

    Category: Research Report

    Compiled from data gathered from interviews with more than 100 senior retail decision-makers and over 1,000 consumers, this report highlights the differences and similarities in attitudes towards retail loyalty schemes from both sides of the checkout.

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    Point-of-Sale Marketing's Bright Future

    Category: White Paper

    Today's focus may be digital engagement, but point-of-sale marketing is alive and well.

    Download our 'Point-of-Sale Marketing’s Bright Future' white paper to find out why point-of-sale marketing is so powerful and has a very promising future.

    Download the white paper now. 

    Ecrebo Retail Reality Report

    Category: Research Report

    We surveyed 100 senior retail decision-makers on their views on loyalty schemes, the customer experience and the quest for personalisation. We discovered that although personalisation is important, 34% of retailers don’t have the right technology, and 38% don’t have access to the right data. See the full results in our latest retailer research report, The Retail Reality.


    Retail Reality Report: Infographic

    Category: Infographic

    We surveyed 100 senior retail decision-makers on their views on loyalty schemes, the customer experience and the quest for personalisation. We discovered that although personalisation is important, 34% of retailers don’t have the right technology, and 38% don’t have access to the right data.

    Check out the infographic that accompanies our Retail Reality Report. 

    Ecrebo UK Consumer Insight Index

    Category: Research Report

    We polled 1000 UK shoppers on their thoughts on loyalty, rewards, personalisation and more. Did you know that 76% say coupons change the way they shop? And 74% want personalised, relevant offers? Find out the full results in our latest consumer research report, the UK Consumer Insight Index.

    UK Consumer Insight Index: Infographic

    Category: Research Report

    We recently polled 1000 UK consumers on their thoughts on loyalty, rewards, personalisation and more in our UK Consumer Insight Index. Check out the infographic that accompanies our UK Consumer Insight Index, which shows what consumers really want from their shopping experience.

    Getting Personal: Waitrose Partners with Ecrebo

    Category: Case Study

    Waitrose turned to Ecrebo to improve the way it engaged with instore customers, opening up a powerful and dynamic marketing channel. Our software enables Waitrose to communicate with its in-store customers at the point of sale and in real-time through highly targeted coupons and messages.

    PANDORA deploys Ecrebo digital receipts for single customer view

    Category: Case Study

    One of the world’s largest jewellery retailers, PANDORA, has deployed Ecrebo's digital receipts platform across all its UK stores. By offering customers digital receipts at the point of sale, see how PANDORA leverages our e-receipts to improve in-store sales revenues through better consumer insights and targeted marketing communication. 

    M&S Recognises Customer Loyalty with More Relevant Offers

    Category: Case Study

    M&S is one of the UK’s leading retailers, with over 1,330 stores worldwide and sells high quality, great value products to 32 million customers through its 900+ UK stores and e-commerce platform. 

    Ecrebo was taken on by M&S in 2012 to help improve its offer to customers, by recognising loyalty and offering them access to better and more relevant offers.

    The Digital Receipt Opportunity

    Category: EBook

    Other than the product purchased, the receipt is often the only thing a customer leaves your store with.

    Download our 'Digital Receipt Opportunity' ebook to understand what to consider when implementing e-receipts, how to navigate the path to adoption, and what to look for in a supplier.


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