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  • Ecrebo Retail Reality Report

    Category: Research Report

    We surveyed 100 senior retail decision-makers on their views on loyalty schemes, the customer experience and the quest for personalisation. We discovered that although personalisation is important, 34% of retailers don’t have the right technology, and 38% don’t have access to the right data. See the full results in our latest retailer research report, The Retail Reality.


    Ecrebo UK Consumer Insight Index

    Category: Research Report

    We polled 1000 UK shoppers on their thoughts on loyalty, rewards, personalisation and more. Did you know that 76% say coupons change the way they shop? And 74% want personalised, relevant offers? Find out the full results in our latest consumer research report, the UK Consumer Insight Index.

    UK Consumer Insight Index: Infographic

    Category: Research Report

    We recently polled 1000 UK consumers on their thoughts on loyalty, rewards, personalisation and more in our UK Consumer Insight Index. Check out the infographic that accompanies our UK Consumer Insight Index, which shows what consumers really want from their shopping experience.

    The Digital Receipt Opportunity

    Category: EBook

    Other than the product purchased, the receipt is often the only thing a customer leaves your store with. Download our 'Digital Receipt Opportunity' ebook to understand what to consider when implementing e-receipts, and how to navigate the path to adoption.

    Getting Personal: Waitrose Partners with Ecrebo

    Category: Case Study

    Waitrose turned to Ecrebo to improve the way it engaged with instore customers, opening up a powerful and dynamic marketing channel. Our software enables Waitrose to communicate with its in-store customers at the point of sale and in real-time through highly targeted coupons and messages.

    PANDORA deploys Ecrebo digital receipts for single customer view

    Category: Case Study

    One of the world’s largest jewellery retailers, PANDORA, has deployed Ecrebo's digital receipts platform across all its UK stores. By offering customers digital receipts at the point of sale, see how PANDORA leverages our e-receipts to improve in-store sales revenues through better consumer insights and targeted marketing communication. 

    See how OnPoint turns goodbyes at the till into good buys in the future

    Category: VIDEO

    The way shoppers buy is changing. And in the face of huge competition, attracting them and keeping them loyal has never been so challenging. Ecrebo OnPoint is the world’s smartest, fastest, and easiest point of sale marketing platform. And it helps you take action with every transaction. Our latest animation explains. 


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