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Ecrebo's Attune platform automatically builds a deep understanding of your customers - their purchase history, preferences, and engagements across all channels, and engages them through the most relevant and personalised communication. Ecrebo's Attune platform supports personalised coupons at till, personalised stamp cards, personalised customer surveys, and personalised digital receipts.

Ecrebo's Attune platform delivers deep analytics across all channels with all engagements tracked and reported in real-time. Detailed engagement reports are delivered through secure web-based interface and/or fed directly into retailer CRM applications.

In Numbers

  • 250
    engagements delivered
  • 1.5
  • 16
    retail sales
    captured in £

Personalised Engagement at Till

  • Personalise engagement using transactions and context
  • Use existing receipt printer. No new hardware required!
  • Assign unique codes and trace engagement across channels
  • Convert customers from online to offline and from offline to online
  • Track campaigns performance in real-time

Personalised Stamp Cards

  • Use receipts and customer mobile devices to drive loyalty
  • Gain deep insights on historical purchase data of customers without a loyalty card
  • Run as many stamp cards as needed to drive desired customer behaviour

Personalised Customer Surveys

  • Request surveys based on specific basket data and geo-location
  • Minimise the effort required from the customer to answer surveys
  • Respond to specific survey questions automatically to thank/rescue customers
  • Track in real-time customers satisfaction and survey answers

Personalised Digital Receipts

  • Deliver a digital copy of receipts directly to your customers via email
  • Enhance these emails with transaction and context-driven personalised communications
  • Capture email via POS & enrich your email marketing effort

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