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Is Amazon Doing Everything Right?

by David Buckingham, CEO | June 22, 2018

When we talk about the success of e-commerce retailers today, many of us automatically think of Amazon. Founded in 1994 in Seattle, Washington by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is now the..


For the Love of Loyalty Schemes

by David Buckingham, CEO | June 11, 2018

The loyalty scheme is something that many retailers still take advantage of. But they can no longer afford to take a simplistic view.


If Discounts Equal Supermarket Success, Why aren’t Personalised Offers More Popular?

by David Buckingham, CEO | June 7, 2018

Supermarkets have always been notoriously competitive, with each company using its own unique methods to draw in shoppers. But as the marketplace becomes even more crowded,..


Is the Decline of the High Street a Generational Issue?

by David Buckingham, CEO | May 31, 2018

No one can escape the fact that high street shopping in the UK is in decline, and retailers are under no illusion of the wider repercussions that it may have for their industry..


How Sustained Loyalty Can Lead to Social Advocacy

by David Buckingham, CEO | May 25, 2018

There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to the wider concept of retail loyalty. Of course, there are the all-important mechanics that sit behind the loyalty scheme..


Loyalty, Customer Engagement and the Sainsbury's Asda Merger

by David Buckingham, CEO | May 23, 2018

In the latest edition of the RetailTechReview podcast, David Buckingham, CEO, Ecrebo is joined by RetailTechNews’ Head of Content, Lindsay Rowntree, and Editor, Hugh Williams,..


Sainsbury's/Asda Merger: The Beginning of a New Era in Retail?

by David Buckingham, CEO | May 18, 2018

The recent news that British grocery giants Sainsbury’s and Asda are in advanced talks to merge might be one of the biggest retail stories of 2018 so far, sparking a flurry of..


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