The retail CMO's seasonal trends checklist

Michael Poyser
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You’re running multiple marketing events, promotions and seasonal campaigns. But how successful are they? Are your messages as targeted and relevant as they can be? Are you getting the most from your seasonal campaigns? And are you meeting your objectives?

We’ve developed a checklist to help you:

1. Understand your customers better
• Build up a comprehensive picture of your customer by using a combination of historical and real-time data
• Use historical data to understand your customers’ long-term buying behaviour, spending habits and visit frequency
• Take advantage of real-time data generated at the point of sale to help make you more agile when it comes to reacting to events and making the most out of them

2. Make key calendar events work harder
• When it comes to established seasonal events, look beyond the obvious promotions and tactics
• Use data to understand what your customers typically buy and tailor relevant offers to them - before, during and after the event
• Identify any changes in purchase behaviour around seasonal events and adjust offers accordingly: For example, if a customer stops buying wine after Christmas, this could signal a New Year’s resolution for healthier living. Tailor offers around this insight, promoting more fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks

3. Make campaigns last longer and still deliver value
• Find the balance between optimising campaigns and keeping customers satisfied - don’t think outside the box; expand it
• Use flexible redemption windows as part of a relevant and targeted promotional journey
• Use multiple offers that are triggered upon redemption of the previous offer - all designed to give your customers something relevant and meaningful, increase spend per visit and improve your retention rates

Want to know more? We take a deeper look at how retailers can effectively use the insights generated to deliver a more engaging, relevant and personalised experience to customers in our free how-to guide: All four seasons in one day: A retail CMO’s guide to capitalising on seasonal trends and using data to shape the customer journey.


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