How to get the best customer engagement from coupon marketing

Michael Poyser
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Today’s retail consumers have greater choice than ever of how, why, where, and when they shop. So for retailers, keeping customers engaged is key to retaining them long-term.

In fact, 80% of shoppers say that they want personalization throughout the entire customer experience. And because of this, 79% of retailers are investing in personalization efforts – that’s more than any other industry.

Retailers should look to personalize the customer experience at every opportunity. And coupon at till marketing can help you achieve this.

What is coupon at till marketing?

Coupons are a powerful marketing tool that let you delight your customers. You can provide them with relevant offers or marketing messaging to increase engagement. 

The most important aspect about coupon marketing is that you provide an offer at your point of sale (POS). Traditionally, coupons are delivered on a paper-based receipt, a separate physical coupon, or a digital receipt. This is why it's sometimes referred to as receipt marketing. 

These offers are delivered at your POS. Exactly what offer is put in front of each individual customer is based on your retail POS data. POS data is the information that’s collected during the customer sales transaction. It can tell you more information about each individual customer's purchasing decisions so you can automatically tailor relevant messaging and offers for them. 

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Why is coupon at till marketing important?

Providing relevant, targeted experiences at every customer touchpoint is essential to personalize the customer experience and keep shoppers engaged. This could be in-store at your cashier till or online, via your mobile app, or using email marketing.

There are many types of retail channels that make up a successful omnichannel retail strategy. However, retailers can struggle to manage multiple channels at scale. And the success rate of delivering personalized offers that customers will actually use can make things more complex. Relevancy is key if you want to maximize your efforts. 

Unlike other retail channels, coupon at till marketing is guaranteed to be seen and heard by your shoppers as it’s part of their purchase experience. For example, a shopper might be likely to overlook an email offer, but a coupon is always included on their receipt. And as it's based on individual customer data, it's highly relevant too. 

To help you capitalize on the opportunity of coupon at till marketing, here's how to make sure your efforts truly engage your customers. 

5 best practices to increase customer engagement with coupon at till marketing

  • Personalize your messaging 
  • Encourage cashier-customer interactions
  • Make offers easy to redeem
  • Drive customer engagement across multiple channels 
  • Promote awareness 

1. Personalize your messaging

Your POS data can inform you about your customers, down to an individual level. If you gather, process, and analyze this data using a retail analytics platform, you can unlock a greater level of personalization, even on a large scale. Retail analytics helps you understand and segment your customers, uncovering opportunities for cost-effective, highly-targeted marketing.

With this insight into your customers, you can personalize your messaging. For example, a shopper might regularly visit your retailer in-store for their weekly grocery shop. Equipped with information such as their average basket size, what items they buy, and what brands they prefer, you're better positioned to provide targeted, relevant coupon offers. 

2. Encourage cashier-customer interactions

If you're providing personalized coupons for your customers, then it's highly likely you don't want shoppers to just stuff them in their pockets. 

To truly drive customer engagement with your coupon marketing strategy, encourage cashier-customer interactions.

Encourage your retail staff to:

  • Make the customer aware of the coupon
  • Answer customer questions 
  • Explain the benefits of using the coupon 
  • Make clear how to use the coupon
  • Address when the coupon expires

3. Make offers easy to redeem

Offers and promotions should be as simple as possible for your customers to redeem. No one wants to jump through hoops to receive 10% off their next purchase of branded chips. But they're more likely to redeem the offer if it's as simple as scanning a bar code or providing the coupon at the point of sale. 

You should also make offers easy to find in store. For example, place promoted products in a visible location so that customers can easily find them. Or if the offer extends online, consider promoting them on your website too. 

4. Drive customer engagement across multiple channels

Coupon at till is a great opportunity to encourage customer engagement across multiple channels. 

For example, you might have a customer who shops exclusively in-store. However, if they receive an offer to get 20% off when they make a purchase through your mobile app, they'll be more likely to use this channel. 

Or, you can use coupon marketing to provide an offer or incentive when customers sign up for your retail loyalty scheme. 

5. Promote awareness

Coupon at till marketing doesn't have to focus solely on offers and promotions, you can use it to promote your marketing messaging too.

Whether it's an awareness campaign for a new brick-and-mortar store, a new campaign, or even to promote awareness of your car park policy, coupon at till lets you get important information into the hands and minds of your customers. 

Every customer receives a receipt, make yours count

73% of customers cite their experience with a business as an influential driver of their purchasing decisions. And a positive experience with a brand can be more influential than just advertising alone

Coupon at till marketing both delights your customers and puts your messaging, offers, and promotions in front of them at the exact right time. And when executed correctly using coupon marketing software that works hand-in-hand with your customer data, you can target customers with highly relevant messaging too. 

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