At the beating heart of OnPoint is our smart software. Easy to set up and use, it captures real-time data from every transaction, whether it’s a swipe, tap or cash. This invaluable information is quickly fed to your Manager hub, making it easy to control your data, see what you’ve been missing and take affirmative action, quickly. Best of all, each component comes as part of your OnPoint platform. So with one smart investment, you can start making equally smart decisions about your future.

OnPoint Capture

Delivers in-depth in-store transaction data faster and better, without the need for integration. Puts real-time reporting and analytics at your fingertips. Manage everything from supply chain, inventory and promotions to store performance.

OnPoint Manager

Beautifully simple. Massively powerful. OnPoint Manager lets you quickly create, design and manage personalised customer campaigns. With built-in reporting and monitoring, everything you need is in one place. So your data is more rewarding.

OnPoint Reporting

Puts your data to work and gives you a more in-depth view of all your multi-channel engagements. Helps you see what you’re missing when it comes to things like brand and promotion performance. So you can make smarter decisions to boost profits.

OnPoint Interface

The powerful and simple way to share real-time transaction data with your other enterprise systems. Enriching the data you receive back, making it more valuable to your business. Using industry standard data formats enables seamless integration with your existing Point of Sale.


Tracks the entire customer journey

OnPoint tracks every touchpoint of the entire customer journey, reporting in real-time so you know exactly how to react and reward.



Today’s multi-channel marketplace is a crowded one. In a busy world of social promotions, mobile marketing and online research and reviews, it’s vital to make your brand stand out. OnPoint helps you engage with the right audience instantly – so you’re talking to the people who matter before they even set foot in-store.


It may be an increasingly digital world, but 90% of transactions still happen in-store. So how do you make the most of the personal touch? OnPoint engages customers directly with every swipe and tap, thanks to targeted messaging and promotions. It makes the path to purchase easy and inviting – ensuring plenty of return journeys.

Reward Display Message Coupon


OK, the sale is in the bag, but how do you keep your customers coming back for more? OnPoint gives you powerful tools to engage with your audience after purchase and reward them for their custom in real-time. So they get compelling content and attractive offers. And you get long-term loyalty and repeat business.

Feedback E-Receipts


OnPoint captures real-time transaction data and feeds it to OnPoint Manager. Making it easy to control your data and manage your apps.

Empowering retailers across all sectors to drive loyalty and increase sales


We’ll help you stand out in a competitive marketplace, boosting footfall and profits to ensure a long shelf life for your business.


Because you’ll know more about your customers, your approach will be a perfect fit, encouraging a switch from online to in-store.


We give you a golden opportunity to dazzle your rivals and keep customers coming back for more so you can enjoy sparkling results.

Health & Beauty

The beauty of OnPoint is that you can see who’s buying what and when, helping you make smarter decisions and enjoy healthier profits. 

Home & DIY

Digital retailers lack the personal touch, so we’ll help your customers feel right at home in your store – and keep coming back. 


Our bright ideas will give you the power to improve customer loyalty, boost profits and leave your online rivals in the dark. 


In today’s fickle world, we’ll help you have plenty in store when it comes to rewarding loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.


From sports goods to stationery, we provide customer know-how and loyalty opportunities as specialist as your market.


Who's On Board

We already help some of the biggest names in retail to know more, engage more and sell more. From fashion to phones – and everything in between – here are just a few of the brands who benefit from being on board with OnPoint.

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Dixons Carphone
Miss Selfridge
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