The way we buy is ever-changing, with more channels, more choice and more stages along the path to purchase. Whether it’s before, during or after a sale, OnPoint’s suite of products puts a trail into retail and tracks the entire journey. So you can know more, engage more and sell more at every stage – and react in real-time to real opportunities.


Today’s path to purchase starts earlier than ever, with savvy shoppers doing their homework well before they set foot in-store. Multiple channels mean multiple chances to compare, research and review. Plus endless online promotions are just a click or swipe away.

OnPoint’s smart software cuts through this confusion and connects you clearly with your customers. So when they do walk in, they already have your targeted offers and promotions – and you can easily track what they do with them.

OnPoint Mobile

Putting loyalty at your fingertips

A digital loyalty card that fits neatly in the wallet app on a mobile phone. Works via web, social, text, email or in-store. Lets you send promotions and targeted rewards. Lets customers manage and take advantage of offers quickly and easily.

  • Delivers location-based notifications
  • Activated through multiple channels
  • Sends targeted offers direct to wallet
  • Integrates with existing loyalty schemes 


OnPoint Social

Measures online impact in-store

Send targeted ads to current or potential customers via social networks. Recognises and reports any subsequent transactions at point of sale. So you’ll quickly know how successful your online advertising is – and how it’s being converted to in-store sales.

  • Matches purchaser lists to exposure lists
  • Quickly measure return on investment 
  • Test effect of multi-executions on sales
  • Use results to optimise media spend


Payment may increasingly be contactless, but human contact is still key. That’s why 90% of transactions are made in-store.

So how do you engage every in-store customer personally? And how do you make that personal touch memorable for them…and profitable for you?

OnPoint is always telling while you’re selling. By capturing live data at point of sale, you know more about customers instantly. So it’s easier to react in real-time and engage with them like a real person. In person.

OnPoint Coupon 

Create targeted, relevant offers instantly  

Delivers personalised messages and offers at the till in real-time with receipts. Triggers include historic customer profiles, location, basket contents or spend. Convenient and engaging, they’re proven to boost our clients’ in-store sales.

  • Direct, personal and non-intrusive
  • High print quality with logos and images
  • Promotions, cross-sell and price matching
  • Successfully drives customers back in-store

OnPoint Message

Dynamic on-receipt marketing

Transforms the humble receipt into a powerful marketing tool. Take control of the look and feel of every printout at every till. Add distinctive logos and graphics and individual greetings in seconds. Show progress towards relevant loyalty rewards.

  • Personalised messaging, eg: ‘Hi Jane’
  • Seasonal or store-specific messages
  • Highlights other local marketing initiatives
  • Show brand savings, product recall details etc

OnPoint Display

Puts your customers in control

Engaging content for a customer-facing touchscreen at the till, separate to staff display. Display marketing messages, from adverts to prompts for information. Can be used for marketing opt-in – useful with European GDPR legislation now in force. 

  • Gather real-time satisfaction and feedback
  • Request email address for digital receipt
  • Improve your demographic data capture
  • Can be personalised with simple prompts 

OnPoint Reward 

The right perks for the right people

Ensures the right customers are rewarded in real-time. Flexible redemption engine evaluates and validates promotions across multiple channels. Set dates and times. Target specific customers with unique single-use codes, for added security. 

  • Validate conditions during checkout
  • Report campaign performance in real-time
  • In-store, online or cross-channel
  • Create targeted redemption rules


For some retailers, the pathway to purchase ends at the till. But continuing the journey is vital to know more and sell more.

OnPoint turns goodbyes at the till into good-buys in the future. So the journey isn’t over when your customer leaves the store. Instead, it helps you engage them with relevant content.

Making these smarter decisions means you can build long-term loyalty quickly. And enjoy a rewarding relationship with every customer.

OnPoint E-Receipts

Delivers dynamically relevant messaging

Content-rich receipts delivered via email for in-store or online purchases. Can include relevant offers and content for customers, eg recommendations, 'how-to' videos. Gives you more insight and helps with targeted marketing to boost both repeat purchases and profits.

  • Customer data captured at point of sale
  • Stores customer’s full purchase history
  • Integrates easily with any existing CRM system
  • Prompts targeted promotions and offers
  • Helps create a unified profile of each customer   

OnPoint Feedback 

Discover what customers really think

Prompted via a link embedded in OnPoint E-Receipt or via a pop-up on OnPoint Display. Choice of either simple feedback via smiley or sad face, or more detailed, text-based opinions, collected through a dedicated portal and fed back in real-time. 

  • Feedback can be accessed and addressed quickly 
  • Includes store, assistant and transaction identifier
  • Provides a personal touch if any issues are identified
  • Opportunity for swift resolution encourages loyalty

Empowering retailers across all sectors to drive loyalty and increase sales


We’ll help you stand out in a competitive marketplace, boosting footfall and profits to ensure a long shelf life for your business.


Because you’ll know more about your customers, your approach will be a perfect fit, encouraging a switch from online to in-store.


We give you a golden opportunity to dazzle your rivals and keep customers coming back for more so you can enjoy sparkling results.

Health & Beauty

The beauty of OnPoint is that you can see who’s buying what and when, helping you make smarter decisions and enjoy healthier profits. 

Home & DIY

Digital retailers lack the personal touch, so we’ll help your customers feel right at home in your store – and keep coming back. 


Our bright ideas will give you the power to improve customer loyalty, boost profits and leave your online rivals in the dark. 


In today’s fickle world, we’ll help you have plenty in store when it comes to rewarding loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.


From sports goods to stationery, we provide customer know-how and loyalty opportunities as specialist as your market.


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  • Capture real-time data 
  • Encourage repeat purchases 
  • Engage your customers
  • Build long-term loyalty
  • Proven return on investment

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