OnPoint Genome

For retailers who don’t know their customers well enough to engage in personalized marketing ⎼ or, for retailers who have a hard time quickly turning their data into actionable insights ⎼ we can help. Informed with real-time data from POS and e-commerce, our Genome solution helps business users understand and segment customers into audiences for cost-effective, precisely-targeted marketing, including, of course, Total Receipt Marketing®. No help from the analytics department needed.


  • Real-time metrics from every lane at every store
  • Used for executive dashboards, stock-out alerts, security, and more

Insights / Data Visualization

  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Business users create queries to unearth new marketing opportunities. No SQL skills required
  • Robust cross-selling analysis 

Audience Builder

  • Audience segmentation tool for business users. No SQL skills required
  • Quickly create targeted lists for TRM® (and other targeted media such as email and text) without help from the analytics or IT teams


  • Business users create and run A/B tests to optimize TRM® and other media performance
  • Continuous learning from all campaigns
  • Campaign suggestion engine (future)