Ecrebo and Toshiba partner to deliver personalised marketing at Point of Sale

Sarah Todd
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Ecrebo has signed a partnership agreement with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc. (Toshiba), the global market share leader for integrated in-store retail solutions. Leveraging Toshiba’s TCx™ Elevate digital commerce platform, Ecrebo will assist the technology company in delivering incremental value to retailers around the world with its innovative OnPoint platform.

“Working with a dominant technology leader like Toshiba is a tremendous opportunity for Ecrebo. Not only do we benefit from Toshiba’s global reach, but also the company’s wealth of experience in the retail sector,” says David Buckingham, CEO of Ecrebo. “The added benefit for Toshiba and its customer base is access to the Ecrebo OnPoint platform and the incremental value and functionality that it offers their customers.”

The OnPoint platform provides retailers with a suite of software products that enable them to deliver highly targeted, personalised and relevant marketing messages to customers at the point of sale.

“Toshiba is excited to be collaborating with Ecrebo as part of the TCx Elevate™ ecosystem. The company’s point of sale marketing software is compelling and has the power to drive superior results for our retail clients, not just in delivering personalised offers and messages directly into the hands of shoppers, but also in helping them retain and grow their loyal customer base.” says Kirk Goldman, Vice President, Business Strategy, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.

Toshiba and Ecrebo have a number of joint customers that are already benefiting from this collaboration, a number that is expected to grow as a result of this partnership.

Mike Grimes, President of Ecrebo North America, says: “This synergistic partnership ensures we are able to capitalise on the benefits of working together in supporting retail clients and helping them achieve their objectives. This is a significant opportunity for Ecrebo’s US side of the business and we look forward to working with the Toshiba team in helping deliver additional value to customers.”

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