U.S. Patent Issued to Ecrebo for Software-Based Point-of-Sale Marketing Method

Mike Grimes
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Novel solution turns retailers’ existing receipt printers into targeted marketing machines

Ecrebo, a UK-based marketing services company that entered the U.S. market just over a year ago, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office allowed the company its first U.S. patent on March 6, 2018. Ecrebo’s newly issued U.S. patent covers Ecrebo’s breakthrough, “software only” approach to quickly and cost-effectively enhancing existing point-of-sale (POS) systems. Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and PANDORA are among the leading specialty and grocery retailers successfully using Ecrebo today.

Ecrebo’s software-based solution enables retailers to issue graphically compelling, highly personalized, receipt-based offers and messages with no alteration to the POS system’s underlying software and without the addition of any new hardware. The elegant and lightweight Ecrebo solution can be installed on top of existing Toshiba 4690, Windows and Linux-based POS systems. With Ecrebo, retailers can instantly – and very cost-effectively – issue their customers relevant, sharp-looking offers and messages on receipts printed in-store and/or as e-receipts delivered via email and text.

“Receipt-based marketing has been around for many years, but it’s been held back by two big problems that Ecrebo solves,” said Mike Grimes, President, Ecrebo USA. “First, the backend systems needed to set-up and deliver receipt-based marketing programs are clunky, hard-to-use and really can’t do state-of-the-art targeting. We make all that a snap for retailers. Second, the graphical quality of the offers and messages printed in-store is usually pretty uninspiring. Because Ecrebo’s proprietary solution speaks to receipt printers in their native language, retailers can employ eye-catching, ROI-boosting images and graphics.”

About Ecrebo USA
For most retailers, receipt-based marketing is an afterthought. Ecrebo changes that. With zero POS integration, retailers’ existing receipt printers can instantly issue graphically compelling, highly-personalized messages and offers – with unbeatable ROIs – to every customer. Let us show you just how powerful your receipts can be. Contact us today


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