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Andy Watts, VP, Sales & Marketing

Andy Watts, VP, Sales & Marketing

Andy is a highly experienced commercial and general manager with over 25 years’ experience in the IT Software industry and has spent much of his career promoting the latest technologies to global retailers. He has held a number of senior Sales and Marketing positions for several ‘blue chip’ technology companies as well as smaller, niche software organisations. Andy has previously worked as VP Sales for Artificial Solutions, and Director of Sales for companies including Wesupply, ServiceSource and Infor. Andy brings a wealth of enterprise technology and industry experience to Ecrebo’s commercial operation.
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Data, POS and Converting Non-loyalty Customers

Open up your wallet. Apart from your bank cards and old receipts, I bet the rest of the pockets or card slots are filled with loyalty cards. Research by Statista suggests that..


Shoptalk Europe Makes Its (Successful) Mark in Copenhagen

Earlier this year, I was thrilled to attend Shoptalk 2017 in Las Vegas, one of the most talked-about, must-attend new conferences developed for the retail industry. So, I was..


Ecrebo Speaking, Exploring Major Retail Trends at Shoptalk Europe 2017

Shoptalk Europe is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to be a part of it! Taking place from 8 – 11 October at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Shoptalk Europe is set to..


Ecrebo’s Hot Streak Continues: Shortlisted for Two Retail Week Tech. Awards

2017 has been a great year for Ecrebo so far, from signing long-term customer contracts with major retailers like Waitrose to winning awards thanks to a leading capability set..


On the road @ Customer Engagement Summit: Creating better consumer experiences 

Earlier this month, we gathered with a swarm of other trailblazers redefining the traditional notion of customer engagement at Retail Bulletin’s 8th Annual Customer Engagement..


On the road @ Future Stores: Proving stores do have a bright future

We recently had the opportunity to attend the Future Stores conference in London, billed as ‘The only true benchmarking opportunity for in-store experience innovators from..


On the road @ RBTE: the place for retail professionals to be

Last week, the Ecrebo team joined over 17,000 of our retail industry peers at the RBTE event in Olympia, London. Now in its seventh year, RBTE has continued to attract more and..


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