Powering the potency of real-time data

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 21 June 2019
Real-time data plays a critical role in retail. It can be used to inform marketing campaigns, personalisation efforts and enables retailers to be more agile when it ...

Overcoming the high street blues

By Sarah Todd, Head of Marketing | 10 June 2019
Our CEO David Buckingham shares his thoughts with Retail & Leisure International on how to adopt change and make sure this isn’t the death of the high street.

The science behind store layout

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 6 June 2019
As consumers, we’re all aware that when we walk into a store, we are being influenced in some way or another. For years, retailers have been refining the art of keeping ...

Applying eCommerce logic to the high street

By David Buckingham, CEO | 29 May 2019
There are several reasons we love shopping online; convenience, choice and the fact we can find whatever we’re looking for quickly and easily. On the other hand, there ...

Extending the life of the department store

By Sarah Todd | 17 May 2019
For the last few years we’ve been asking whether the high street is dead. The answers vary, with many people holding the opinion that it’s not quite the end yet, it just ...

Is collaboration the secret to retail success?

By David Buckingham, CEO | 17 May 2019
Online retailing might be growing at an exponential rate, but according to a House of Commons briefing paper in 2018, online transactions accounted for only 18% of all ...

Unlocking the true potential of customer data

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 8 May 2019
Data is a hugely valuable resource in retail and it’s generated with every customer interaction, whether that’s online or in-store. But, what happens to that data ...

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