Best of both worlds: how to revive the high street

By Sarah Todd, Head of Marketing | 17 April 2019
In the battle between internet retailers and the High Street, the real winners are consumers. The online shopping experience delivers convenience, endless choice and the ...

Turning the POS into a point of differentiation

By David Buckingham, CEO | 29 March 2019
The point of sale represents a major investment for a retailer and is not a technology that is needlessly replaced. But the role the POS plays within the industry ...

‘Eggcelerate’ retail sales this Easter

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 21 March 2019
Following mixed Christmas results for many of our high street retailers, they’re now focused on planning for the next seasonal shopping event to tempt us into stores. ...

How can point of sale data drive retailer revenues?

By Sarah Todd, Head of Marketing | 22 February 2019
As brick-and-mortar retailers come under increasing pressure, advances in cloud technology have made the in-store point of sale (POS) a data mine that could help boost ...

Looking back to look forward

By David Buckingham, CEO | 15 February 2019
2019 is already shaping up to be an interesting year for retail. HMV has had mixed fortunes; while 27 stores are closing, 100 stores and more than 1,000 jobs are safe ...

Reviving the high street

By David Buckingham, CEO | 30 January 2019
The reasons that online-only retailers are so successful are two-fold: convenience and choice. Shoppers can find exactly what they’re looking for, compare products and ...

Top tips to create real-time success from real-time data

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 21 December 2018
Data is important. We all know it – especially in the retail sector where data plays a starring role in shaping pricing strategies, stock decisions, customer insights ...

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