How retail marketers can benefit from cashierless stores

By David Buckingham, CEO | 13 December 2019
From futuristic prediction to retail reality, the technology driving artificial intelligence, robotics and automation is here and it’s transforming the retail industry. ...

Black Friday or Blue Monday for retailers?

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 27 November 2019
It’s that time of year again… no sooner have the orange and black of Halloween faded when Christmas is suddenly upon us. But in amongst the build-up to the festive ...

Using data to take in-store shopper psychology to the next level

By Sarah Todd, Head of Marketing | 23 October 2019
As shoppers, we all know the tactics retailers use to entice us to spend more. There’s the visually appealing, uncluttered entrance of a fashion retailer that captures ...

Using point of sale data to drive the top line

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 15 October 2019
We all know our high streets are changing. Stores are closing and jobs disappearing, footfall is declining and shopping patterns are changing. Whatever the reasons ...

The retail CMO's seasonal trends checklist

By Michael Poyser, Chief Analytics Officer | 19 September 2019
You’re running multiple marketing events, promotions and seasonal campaigns. But how successful are they? Are your messages as targeted and relevant as they can be? Are ...

Ecrebo's founder completes charity skydive for Launchpad

By David Buckingham, CEO | 17 September 2019
He only went and did it! OK, so it was a bit later than planned due to bad weather, but on Friday 13th September, Ecrebo founder, David Vernon, faced his fears and ...

Capitalising on click and collect

By Sarah Todd | 30 August 2019
Many consumers are turning to click and collect for their online purchases rather than opting for home delivery. In fact, this is a growing market as shoppers recognise ...

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